Bank Simulation | Karthik Abiraman

Overview: A bank simulation algorithm that provides information such as the maximum number of people that can be expected to be waiting in the queue, the average length of the queue, the average wait time, and the average response time. The program is very flexible and allows you to easily change (change a constant) the number of tellers, the time period the simulation is to run and so on.

Technologies Used: C programming language, pointers, priority queue, queue, linked list, random number generator (exponentially distributed)

Feature List:
  • Determines the maximum and average queue length
  • Determines the total number of customers and the number of customers served
  • Determines the average wait time
  • Determines the number of busy tellers at the end of the simulation
  • Determines the average, slowest and fastest response time
  • Ability to easily change the number of tellers
  • Uses a random number generator (exponentially distributed) to calculate arrival and service times
Download: download the console application (includes source code)