Soil-CV | Karthik Abiraman

Overview: Soil-CV is a desktop application that integrates two soil carbon models and provides a unified interface to them. Output that was orginally purely numerical is now mapped using ArcGIS. The mapping feature is unique as it allows the user to contrast and compare simulations from different regions in a single view. We developed this as a team of six students for our final-year project at Trent University.

Technologies Used: Visual Basic 6, Visual C++, ArcGIS 9.1, Delphi, COM Automation, SQLite 3, Dbase, MS Excel 2000 and above

Interfaces With: SCUAF 5.0 Beta, DNDC 9.0

Feature List:
  • Mapping of multiple simulation outputs onto a single map
  • Ability to compare simulations from 1 to 50 years for DNDC and from 1 to 100 years for SCUAF
  • Ability to easily save and retrieve all simulation inputs and outputs by grouping them under projects
  • A Decision Support System (DSS) guides the user to the model best suited for their region and input values
  • Ability to import existing input files and export simulation output
  • Allows for easy plugin of an unlimited number of new models