WorldTime | Karthik Abiraman

Overview: WorldTime is an open source desktop application and Website that displays the time in cities around the world. Apart from displaying the time, WorldTime provides telephone dialing codes, a meeting planner and a personal clock.

Technologies Used (Website): PHP, MySQL (stored procedures), ADODB and ODBC, XHTML, CSS2, JavaScript
Technologies Used (Desktop Application): .Net 2.0, C#, SQLite, Multithreading (background worker component)

Feature List:
  • Date and time for 550 cities and counting
  • Telephone dialing codes for all cities
  • Meeting planner to plan meetings, appointments and telephone calls
  • |Ability to search for a city
  • Ability to search for a country's capital
Download/View: Go to the Website or download the desktop application (includes source code)